What is SanderPuzzle?

SanderPuzzle is a picture puzzle game.

You must drag and drop from the piece window on a par with the screen right to a right-hand side stage window, and completes a picture.

The each piece is a square, and in case it arranges, piece and piece overlap by halves. The overlapping portion is divided per dot with the overlapping piece.

SanderPuzzle can say it also as modification of a jigsaw puzzle, it aims at solve the following problems on the computer based jigsaw puzzle.

SanderPuzzle has solved this problem as follows.

Relation between a jigsaw puzzle and a SanderPuzzle

The "taste" succeeded from the jigsaw puzzle

SanderPuzzle has succeeded some strong points from the jigsaw puzzle with very long history. It is following.

  1. It is easy to look for four of corners, and they can be placed, without considering anything at the very beginning.
  2. Subsequently to the piece of a corner, it is easy to look for the piece equivalent to the neighborhood.

Anyhow, it is seeing is believing. Please play a demonstration at once by all means.

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