The difference from SanderPuzzle for Windows95

  • Piece handler available for touch interface.
  • You can change background color of piece.
  • It store playing data to Cloud Storage.
  • Puzzle album with Windows Store App UI.

SanderPuzzle - Claudia

Claudia Madobe is the character of Microsoft Japan. This puzzle use pictures of her.

It contains 26 puzzles from easy level to difficult level.

She speeches under ja-JP environment.

You can get "SanderPuzzle - Claudia" free.

SanderPuzzle - Tokaido

"The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido" is one of the most famous Ukiyoe picture in the world.

This title is pretty difficult for beginner. I recommend to play "SanderPuzzle - Claudia" before play this title.

You can get "SanderPuzzle - Tokaido" at Windows Store.

SanderPuzzle - Laid-Back Lu

Taka Kato paints many fantastic pictures in her work.

This is still constructing. It will be released in December, 2012.

You can get "SanderPuzzle - Laid-Back Lu" at Windows Store.

SanderPuzzle - Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a registered trademark of Turner Entertainment Co.

This title made with pictures of Tom and Jerry that published before 1945 and now belongs to public domain pictures. This title is the easiest puzzle set. If you are beginner, you should choose this title.

You can get "SanderPuzzle - Tom and Jerry" free.

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